A DIY Wedding on an Amarath Farm
      September 6th, 2014

      “Kim & Scott met at work. She was 16. He was 17. She made a beautiful ice cream cone and he had mastered the banana split. One day they went to see a movie. They didn’t see much movie. They went to a concert next. They didn’t see much concert either. Soon they were official. Then they grew up. Together. With lots of help. They built most of a house, which is usually full of people and wine and vegetables. And lots of dogs.”

      That’s what the handmade invitations read to my cousin Scott and his wife Kim’s wedding. Even though I would be attending already, they hired me to film their beautiful day. The wedding was held on Kim’s parents property out in Amarath which was extremely spacious. Everything about the ceremony, and party afterwards was put together with the help of many friends and all our family. While filming I was pretty much shadowing the photographer they hired so I could film while he was posing them. In the middle of all that I managed to get a few shots, and immediately fell in love with the idea of shooting weddings.

      You can view my short wedding video I put together here , and my photos below!