Wedding up north


      February 20th, 2016
      @ National Pines Golf Club – 

      Bianca and Corey had an intimate, sweet wedding up north, at the National Pines Golf Club. The venue is a gorgeous wooden, barn-like structure that was decorated with white lights, white lace, and white flowers. It was elegant, and had a lovely DIY, cozy, and relaxed feel to it. I was second shooting this wedding for the amazing Ally Chadwick, so I headed to the Groom’s getting ready location. I had a great time getting detail shots and getting to know Corey, his groomsmen and the two fathers. One of my favourite parts of a wedding is getting to know the people surrounding the couple, and how they all became a part of their life. My favourite people to talk to were Bianca and Corey’s fathers. It’s so heartwarming to see how much pride, joy, and love they have for their children and how excited they are for their children to start a life together. Bianca and Corey’s adorable little pup was even a part of the getting ready festivities.

      The magic of the ceremony was enhanced with tiny white string lights wrapped around the wooden beams, and lantern candles lining the aisle. The whole atmosphere complimented Bianca’s stunning white lace dress and delicate veil perfectly. The joy and happiness among not only the bride and groom, but all their family and friends was evident in every moment. It’s hard to even explain all the love that surrounded this wedding. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, friends and family were all extremely happy to witness Bianca & Corey say their vows, and celebrate afterwards.

      Throughout the day I learnt that Corey & Bianca met in College, while they were both attending Fanshawe. Corey took an elective to fill a spot in his schedule and sat behind Bianca, he immediately thought she was gorgeous and later in that class they got paired together for a group project and that was the start of their love story. From what I witnessed it was clear to see that Bianca & Corey found love in their best friend.

      ‘The best kind of relationship is when they’re not only your lover, but your best friend.’