Toronto Indian Wedding

      July 11th, 2016 
      Claireport Place Banquet Hall –

      For some background – I ended up photographing this wedding that came about when Fareeza posted in in Bunz Trading Zone. She was looking for an affordable photographer/videographer combo. At first, my price didn’t match up with her budget, but after chatting for a bit online we set up a phone call. In my opinion, it’s best when you have a separate photographer and videographer – that way both are 100% focused on an individual aspect, making “your day” fully covered. I think hiring someone to do both is a very bad idea. We hit it off after talking on the phone. I said I’d would approach my friend who has worked on various films, TV shows, and projects to do the videography. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it turns out that the videographer I had in mind was an old high school friend of Fareeza’s. What a crazy small world. It’s one of the most unique situations I’ve been apart of. Fast forward a few months and we were shooting and filming Fareeza and Anton’s wedding!

      Anton and Fareeza had a beautiful celebration of their love at Claireport Banquet Hall surrounded by family and friends. Fareeza and Anton first met when Fareeza went on exchange in Sweden. Anton was born and raised in Sweden, while Fareeza was studying political science at the time.  She had a few electives left to take and she decided to Climate Change Studies and Intercultural Communications. She told me that she was originally supposed to go to Germany for the exchange, and was devastated when she found out all the spots there have been filled. So to Sweden she went. Funny how the world works itself out. She was living in the university’s residence at the time, which allowed her to socialize with other international students.

      I remember I had seen Anton for the first time from a distance at another party before and I thought ‘that is the most attractive man I have ever seen.’ We officially met at an international student gathering, which he was at even though he was Swedish. We talked for the first time while we were playing some sort of icebreaker game, and I stood beside him. We started talking, and funnily enough I thought he was really pretentious and ridiculously full of himself (might have judged him a bit too early, oops.) I had blue hair at the time, so he thought I was kinda “crazy.” We ended up keeping in touch though, and I’m glad we did. He pretended to like tea because he knew I did, in order to ask me out. We spent some one-on-one time with each other, away from a party setting, and it was wonderful. We talked about politics, international development, philosophy, ethics, and even the silly stuff – like how easily we could both stuff boxes of chocolate in our mouths without getting sick.

      When Fareeza told me how they first met I thought it was hilarious and adorable. It’s amazing how first impressions aren’t always what they seem. It really goes to show that two people will end up together if they’re meant to be. I had such a wonderful time meeting Fareeza and Anton’s family and friends, most of which flew in from Sweden and Bangladesh. Everyone in the couple’s community poured their hearts into helping make the day a full celebration of their love. Especially since they were going to forgo a traditional ceremony and wedding at first. They technically had a ceremony officiated a month before the wedding. It seemed like a group effort to make this a beautiful celebration.

      After finishing her degree in political science, Fareeza went to grad school for international development. She plans on being an aid worker with an NGO that works to redefine concepts of leadership and power to conform to women’s values, develop culture-specific curriculum, and train women to achieve positions of leadership and decision-making in the public sphere.

      Fareeza explains, “I would like to work with programs that focus on giving mentoring and training to girls and young women leaders in order to develop their leadership capacities to build just and peaceful societies. Anton studies environmental and energy engineering. His dream job would be to direct Swedish energy policies. He is a really hard worker, and an amazing student, so I have no doubt he will get there very soon.”

      Once all the pending paperwork gets approved Fareeza will be moving to Sweden with Anton where they will continue their wonderful journey together.
      This celebration of love was so unique and special to me. And I will hold it near to my heart for the rest of my life.

      To Fareeza and Anton, your friends and family are absolutely amazing, and enriched your wedding day so immense amounts. You are both such beautiful humans with strong passions and you will do wonderful things for the world. Your love and absolute commitment to each other is inspiring, and I wish you all the best in the future.