Saturday November 25th, 2016
      Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto

      This is another amazing Bunz story. A month or two ago I saw a post asking if anyone would be interested in helping organize a surprise flash mob proposal in Toronto. I’ve personally always wanted to photograph a proposal and have a deep love for flash mobs so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to be apart of both. The groom-to-be’s sister was doing all the organizing and posting on Bunz, and managed to find a choreographer, volunteers for the dance, musicians, photographers, and videographers. (Even a guy in a Pooh Bear costume). There were rehearsals organized, lots of logistics to go through and honestly everything went perfectly.

      I arrived at Trinity Bellwoods at 1pm yesterday to find everyone organizing themselves. They had three chairs set up for the live musicians, and staged hangout spots for everyone to look less suspicious when Jada came towards us. The band was playing Christmas music until she started walking up to hide what was going on. When Jada started walking up with her friend Pooh Bear escorted her over to the chair, covered her in a blanket and gave her a big hug. Then the band started playing Starlight by Muse and the dancers started throwing rose petals in the air. They then pulled out photos of Jada & Darren and eventually turned them over which had sweet messages on them.Two gentlemen carried over a table also covered in roses/rose petals, popped open champagne and served it to Jada. After each of them handing her a white rose they ran back to a tree where Darren appeared with a dozen roses and started walking towards her. I think that was the moment where Jada finally realized what was happening. Darren got down on one knee and popped the question. She said YES!

      Darren’s sister and the other organizers started handing out little glasses of champagne for all of us to celebrate. There were lots of hugs and congratulations going around. I suggested to Darren & Jada that we take a few portraits and detail shots to help them remember this lovely day. ¬†After tidying up we all headed over to Broncho for celebratory drinks.

      I am so happy to have been apart of this adorable proposal and wish Darren & Jada the best of luck in their future. They have absolutely amazing friends and family and it is amazing to see strangers come together to help a couple take their next step together.