There’s nothing that inspires me more than being in a stunning new place. Travelling the world and documenting love combines two of my favourite things. I would love nothing more than to document your adventurous love! 

      I gravitate towards couples who are down for a good adventure and aren't afraid of getting a little messy or dirty if it means we're having a good time.

      Couples who love nature, aren’t afraid of rain, or kicking off your shoes to walk along the beach.

      I love to capture the raw, real, and authentic moments. Even if they are a little imperfect, because that’s real life. I want you to be able to look back on these photos years from now with your grandkids and still get that fuzzy feeling.


      It may sound crazy but… if you’re dreaming of eloping or getting married at one of my dream destinations I will photograph your wedding at a discounted rate. All you have to do is provide travel + accommodations for myself (and sometimes my partner Rory– who doubles as my second shooter, depending on the coverage you desire)

      I try to update my travel adventures online… If I’m in your area, or an area you are also visiting, reach out and let’s make it happen!
      I am always adding more places to the list!

      * If I am already travelling to a destination that you desire and want a session, reach out! Travel fee’s will not be applied*

      Don’t see your desired location on the list below? I may not be aware of how unique and beautiful your dream spot is, I’d love to photograph you there. Special rates will still be applied!