I picked up my first DSLR at age 17, and haven’t been able to put it down since. I first found my love for photography when I was in college for Music Business Management, where I started photographing concerts.

      When I was 21 my cousin’s wife asked me to film their wedding on her parent’s property. Which is where I discovered another passion of mine, capturing a moment of love. Even though I was filming, I couldn’t help but snap some photos.

      There was just something about freezing that love between two people and their loved ones for years to come. My job was to capture moments that would help friends and family hold onto the beautiful and fleeting memories of that day to look back on.

      And that’s the beginning of my love story.

      Since that day I have been head over heels with capturing raw moments, and have not been able to stay away from weddings, engagements, and beautiful moments.

      I love every little thing about weddings. Getting to know a couple, the little details that make their day so special, and their unique love story. I take pride in finding out every important detail of your wedding whether it’s a family heirloom, a funny story behind your ‘something blue’, or the groom wearing their grandfather’s pocket watch. I love being able to capture these precious moments that help make your day special.

      You can find me behind my camera, tearing up while capturing precious moments of your big day.
      Because as cliche as it is to say;
      I love LOVE.

      And would love nothing more than to photograph your wedding.

      Ps. It is basically a guarantee that I will cry at one point during your wedding…if not, multiple times.

      You have been warned! 


      Most days you can find me cuddling my cats, drinking way too much coffee, and binge watching Grey’s Anatomy…again.

      When I have the time, I adventure up to my parents in Honey Harbour (a.k.a my favourite place in the world.) We’ve been spending our weekends there ever since my Grandparents had a summer spot before I was born. And now my parents live down the road from that very spot. I love to spend time up there with our pups, canoeing, sitting by the fire and attempting Astrophotography.  

      I have always loved a good adventure, and being anywhere outdoors just makes my heart happy.

      I love nothing more than sitting on the couch with my partner Rory and our two cats. Watching a Disney Pixar movie or one of the many tv series we start and rarely finish.

      If you feel like we’d be a perfect fit or fast friends…feel free to reach out here and let’s grab a drink or some coffee and chat some more!

      A few things you may not know about me…


      I have had a crazy hair journey and had almost every pastel colour you can think of...teal, blue, purple, lavendar, baby blue, bright pink..and my favourite light pink!


      I recently started teaching myself macrame, with the help of an amazing book. It's called Macrame at home, and it is fully created by a Toronto Artist - Natalie Ranae -- I highly recommend it.

      Most of the time the cats are confused what I'm doing....but eventually they sit down and love to watch me work, instead of playing with the tassels.


      I am obsessed with Shania Twain...if you put on any of her songs I will drop everything and either belt my heart out or attempt to line dance (very poorly I might add)

      A couple years ago my mom, sister and I flew to vegas to celebrate our 21st, 25th, and 50th birthday's all happening in the same year. But really it was to see Shania while she had her 'Still The One' residency at Caesar's Palace. We thought it would be the last time we'd be able to see her live.

      I've seen her perform three times since then, and had the opportunity to photograph one of her shows...I nearly passed out I was so excited.


      I’ve never done Karaoke before. To be honest... thought of it scares the shit out of me.

      But I will dance ridiculously and scream my heart out at any Motown, 90’s or early 2000’s dance party.

      Ps. this is me pretending to sing, I was just screaming my lungs out at Emo night (probably to Fall Out Boy) at my favourite local, Sneaky Dees.


      The first year we were dating, my boyfriend Rory gifted me a Canon AE-1 and ignited my love for shooting film again as an adult.

      This is a photo of him goofing around in the ocean. It was shot on the same canon while we were in Mexico photographing a wedding last year.

      He spoils me with the best presents... Stuart (our second cat) was my birthday gift this year!


      I had some pretty amazing experiences while photographing musicians. But one of my favourite moments was photographing Ellie Goulding at the ACC.

      I attended her first show at The Phoenix in 2011 and have seen her live every time she's been in Toronto since. It was so cool to see her play to a full ACC almost 6 years later.

      I also photographed her meet and greet, and had a chance to meet her and chat with her for a bit.


      I took dance lessons for 14 years while growing up. I tried almost everything including Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theatre and Hip-hop.

      I even competed for a few years in Jazz.

      This photo was taken in our backyard from the day of my very first dance recital. I was four years old, and started with Jazz. The dance was to 'Walking on sunshine'.