My favourite place in the world is up at my parents in Honey Harbour. But I love anywhere if I'm near the water, sitting by a fire, and under the stars. I love it even more if there's singing, dancing or all around being goofy. 

I believe in telling love stories

Hey, I'm Amy 


exactly as they were meant to be

I believe that having an experience, is 1000x better than getting a “thing”.

I cry way too easily because I get overwhelmed with how beautiful life is and how kind humans are.

I've been known to jump on-stage at spice girl dance parties - if they're down a spice girl ;) 

" You'll walk away not only with expertly detailed and breathtaking photos, but a memory and friendship that will last a lifetime and provide even more value to the photos documenting the experience. It's hard to describe the intangible value someone like Amy brings the to the table."

- Steph + Jake

Documentary style
Experience FIRST
FUN and goofy

My Approach

I try my best to stay away from posing, and just focus on capturing each couple in their true essence. I love people who do things uniquely, who don’t follow every tradition and like to stay true to who they are. I love nothing more than a couple who creates their wedding day to reflect the two of them. I believe love is the thing, the one thing that makes life as magical as it can be. Love of a partner, love of family, love of friends, and love of yourself. 

I love authentic moments, real connections, and documenting life as it unfolds

• The first night I met my partner’s parents I convinced them to try to crash a wedding across the street--we weren’t successful, and there may have been a few bottles of Prosecco involved in this decision (more details upon request haha)

"What scares me more than feeling it all, is missing it all."

"Not often do you have a business relationship with an individual that becomes a deep and personal relationship. We left our wedding day with a lifelong friend" - J+S

- Jillian + Adam 

I like to randomly break out in dance

• I am a die-hard Shania Twain fan - and will attempt to (horribly) line dance as soon as any of her songs come on.

• My most embarrassing work moment - was when I was photographing an engagement session on what I thought was an empty beach, and ended up tripping over someone meditating while walking backwards (this was in LA, if that tells you anything about his reaction) 

"we are so grateful we chose you, and we thank you for choosing us too."

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Want to get to know me a little better?

I decided to put together a video from personal travels, life events, and memories so you can get an idea of who i am, and what I enjoy doing outside of photographing weddings

*disclaimer: I only pop prosecco on special occasions...I just happen to film a lot of them haha. I swear I'm not super Boujee 😂