Prince Edward County, Toronto + Muskoka based Elopement + Wedding Photographer.


      People who love to adventure, run ridiculously through fields, or aren’t scared to get a little messy are my type of people.

      I love having fun during sessions, and want your images to feel like you. If you want to grab a beer, or do some shots to start it off..let’s do it! If you want to bring your dog along (uhh, yes please! – who doesn’t love dogs?!), hike your favourite trails, or do your favourite activity like ice skating or hanging on your couch, I am completely down for anything.

      I want to focus on ‘the why’ of the two of you. I aim to create images that you can look back on in 50 years and remember why you love each other, why you committed to each other. How much fun you have together, and why you love being around each other.

      When I’m emotionally connected to the people I photograph, I create the best images I possibly can. Besides, I make a great third wheel 😉

      Hi, I'm Amy!

      I love authentic moments, real connections, and documenting life as it unfolds. I try my best to stay away from posing, and just focus on capturing each couple in their true essence. 

      I love people who do things uniquely, who don’t follow every tradition and like to stay true to who they are. I love nothing more than a couple who creates their wedding day to reflect the two of them. 

      I believe love is the thing, the one thing that makes life as magical as it can be.
      Love of a partner, love of family, love of friends, and love of yourself. 

      Toronto + Muskoka Wedding Photographer