I want to help you find places that feel special to you so that you can have a unique celebration without pressure from wedding traditions, societal pressures, or family expectations. And instead experience a wedding celebration that SCREAMS 

how this works

it's all in the details

I love to help couples create a personalized experience so that they can spend as much time as they want in an intimate setting with the ones they love the most. Whether that's just the two of them, or 10 of their favourite people. 

let the good times roll

"that's so us!" 


Give yourself permission to have your dream wedding day. 

Celebrate your Marriage in a way that's authentic to you

 Whether you're feeling overwhelmed by outside opinions, or feel like a traditional wedding day just isn't "for you". I want you to know you can have the celebration that gives you space to be yourselves and focus on the things that really matter. Marrying your partner, and celebrating in a way that you choose. 

The wedding industry has turned wedding days into a huge production over the years - and I firmly believe that it doesn’t have to be that way. A wedding day is about you and your partner, and celebrating your love. Whether it’s just the two of you, your immediate family or a small group of your favourite people celebrating alongside you. I’m here to help plan, assist + cheer you on! 

You can have a unique experience and tailor a day completely to suit you! Whether you're eloping, or having an intimate wedding celebration - I am here and happy to help craft an unforgettable day that gives you permission to be YOU.

Whether you're travelling to Europe to have a week long celebration with your nearest and dearest, eloping in Prince Edward County, or snuggled around a harvest table in Muskoka with two of your closest friends - I am here to cheer you on and document your day in a way that reflects you both. 

As someone who can’t imagine getting married without my parents and siblings there, I want to help couples craft an unforgettable small, intimate wedding experience. If an elopement is more your style - don't worry, I am here to help too! 

As a photographer, I firmly believe these images are a way to capture you as your most authentic selves, so that the love you experienced that day can be felt for generations. The photographs from your wedding day will be your family heirlooms. 

let's start planning your adventure

 I am so honoured to be trusted to document these monumental days for couples. And I pour my whole heart and soul into my work, every single day. I am so grateful to be able to document so many unique love stories. Everyone has their own versions of love and romance, and as a photographer, it is my job to capture that in a way that is uniquely and entirely you. Your wedding photos are your heirlooms to future generations. These are the photos that your kids, grandkids, and family will look back on for years to come. Your photography is the one thing you can physically walk away with from your wedding. My objective is to capture your day in a way that you can look back on and be brought right back to the feeling you got when you saw each other for the first time, or when you finally said ‘I do’. I want to capture the love of not only you and your partner, but also of your friends and family.That proud look your Mom gets while doing up your dress, or when your Dad helps you tie your tie properly.The joy on your partner’s face when you realize you are now a married couple!

I have three things that are super important to me….

Surrounding myself with good-hearted people, storytelling, and love.


 → 02. my approach
→ 03. how I work

let's get to know each other

I want to get to know you. You individually, and you as a couple. I truly believe to get genuine, stunning photographs there needs to be a connection. Not only between the two of you, but with me as well. I want to be able to know what jokes to tell while we're together to get you two laughing and having a great time. This kind of connection allows me to document you in your essence. I want you to know that this isn’t just a way to fill my calendar. I want to ensure we will both walk away from a session and say “holy crap…let’s do it again”. I want our stomachs to hurt from laughing so hard. I want this to be fun. I will joke, laugh, cry, and be a little weird right alongside you. Let’s bond over our pets, exchange stories…have some margarita’s and talk about life. Ps. I think I’m a pretty fun third wheel! (But I may attempt to tell some fairly horrible jokes and break into random dancing)

I feel it’s my responsibility as a photographer...

 to have a connection with my clients.


let's have some fun!

I am not a fan of posing people for hours on end. I want your photos to be real. To feel like YOU. 

I want you to look back on these moments years from now and say ‘Hell yeah, that’s exactly how I was feeling at that moment.’ I want it to be unposed, natural, and completely true to you. I aim to catch the quirky moments that happen in your everyday life together. Your tickle fights, those sweet almost kisses, just laughing and enjoying life together.

I want it to feel like I’m a super fun third wheel alongside you for this big moment in your life, and want to do anything I can to help your day go smoothly. I want you to be the right fit for me, as much as I want me to be the right fit for you. This is so important because it ensures you get the best photographs, and that we’ll work great together.

I want you to have fun and feel like yourself

that's why I love to make sure we're on the same page, and aRE A great fit for each other. 


Tell me a little about yourselves, and we’ll set up a meeting to connect, chat, and see if we’re a good fit for each other. It is super that I feel more like a friend than a vendor to you, as I’ll be alongside you on your wedding day (don’t worry - I’m a great third wheel!) 

the next steps...

2. WE'll make it official!

We’ll do all the boring paperwork - all three of us will sign a contract, and once I receive the retainer - it’ll be officially official - YAAY!
*queue the happy dancing* 

In this meeting we’ll also go over logistics, what I do to keep your photos safe during the day and afterwards, and the contract - plus a few other things! 


If you need any assistance in planning, we will have a few check in points. One phone call immediately following the booking to start chatting about how you envision your wedding day, and another with all the amazing options for you to choose from. 3 months before your wedding day- I’ll send a questionnaire for you to start filling out with all the information I will need to accurately document your day. 


In the most beautiful, intimate, and dreamy celebration you could have ever dreamed of. All because YOU decided to prioritize a day that represents the two of you. You two just relax, have fun, and fully take in the day - while I document all the special moments for you. 


Your photos are delivered between 4-8 weeks after your wedding day via online gallery that has a built in print shop and remains active for a year, as well as a USB shipped to your house (along with some sneak peeks to tide you over in the meantime!)

If your booking timeline is shorter than outlined - don’t worry! Everything will just be sped up and streamlined to your date - we got this! 

1. inquire and say hey!

Morning coffee and reading the newspaper together, the cool fall breeze blowing through the window as you pour another cup. Black denim and leather boots, the deepest crimson flannel. Rose gold and velvet. Rich and lush. Chatting with locals while we sip our coffee and head out for the next adventure.

Red wine and dark twilight nights.

Sipping chartreuse and green tea while looking at the most perfect white subway tile and hand painted signs. Driving through the mountains to Portland reminiscing about the best memories back home. Cozy sweaters, vintage denim, and Pabst while telling one of a kind love stories. 

One of a kind romance.

- Jesse + Jeff 

"Amy, we can't thank you enough! you asked so many important questions and offered such an important perspective in thinking about the entire wedding day experience.
After that first meeting you seemed to understand (and helped us understand!) the vision that we had for our wedding, what was most important to us, and the photos that we wanted to come away with at the end."

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Want a friend, cheerleader, support system, adventure buddy, and photographer all rolled into one to document your wedding day! 

Love to goof off or get silly with it, and joke around. Not take things too seriously, and like to roll with the punches. 

Value a unique and meaningful experience that is centered around you and your partner (and maybe those that you love)

We're a good fit if you...


Of course - the distinction between an elopement and an intimate wedding is usually guest count. With an elopement just being the two of you for the most part, you get to do literally whatever you want on your wedding day. But I’ve photographed elopement type celebrations with two witnesses, 6 witnesses or 10. As long as everyone’s down for an adventure, I’m in! Intimate weddings are more classified by having 10-25 guests celebrating with you. 

Can we invite people to our elopement? 

Unfortunately in Ontario it is fairly hard to become ordained - if it was like the states I would for sure be a photographer/officiant! To legally be married you’ll need an officiant present, and two witnesses. I am always happy and extremely honoured to be a witness on my couple’s wedding day - just don’t judge my messy signature haha. 
Alternatively, you could have a vow and ring exchange ceremony and do the legal paperwork at a later date. This is a great alternative for anyone who wants to have their friend officiate, to get married out of province, or out of country. 

How do we legally Elope? 

I can only speak for myself personally, but regardless of what day of the week or time of year you choose to get married - the work is still the same. I pride myself on providing my couples with an unforgettable, quality experience from inquiry to photo delivery. There are a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into helping all my couples plan their dream wedding and elopement day, with logistic check ins, providing vendor referrals, or sourcing vendors specific to each couples needs. My packages are laid out by hourly coverage, so there is room to customize your day! 

Why does elopement/intimate wedding photography coverage have a similar cost as full day weddings? 

Honestly, everyone I know feels this way. I feel this way, even when I’m asking my partner Rory to take photos of me - it feels weird and like there’s some unspoken pressure. But don’t worry at all, the first few minutes will feel weird adjusting, but soon enough you’ll forget the camera is there. Because I love to prioritize getting to know my couples, and ensuring we have a connection - I’ll feel like a fun third wheel, and any nerves about being in front of a camera will fall away.  

We’re super awkward, how do we take good photos?

Frequently Asked Questions


Talking for hours and dozing off with the tv on. The record skips a few times and we pick a new song to fall asleep to. Morning coffee, a few minutes late to work, a brisk walk down the street window shopping for the upcoming fall season. Wool sweaters, bare trees, cold nights. 

Question 8

So cold we can see our breath as we hike the open fields in the fog. Climbing and chasing waterfalls while the sun sets behind the mountain and the snow falls in the river. Chatting with locals while we sip our coffee and head out for the next adventure.

Question 7

Morning coffee and reading the newspaper together, the cool fall breeze blowing through the window as you pour another cup. Black denim and leather boots, the deepest crimson flannel. Rose gold and velvet. Rich and lush. Red wine and dark twilight nights.

Question 6

Cozy sweaters, vintage demin, and Pabst while telling one of a kind love stories. The trials and tribulations of love, joy, and happiness. Lastly, champagne brunch and avocado toast while surrounded by the finest exposed brick, dreamcatchers, and maps to our souls.

Question 5


let's start planning your DREAM wedding day!

No matter what, I am here to support you. I am your cheerleader, confidante, and friend during this process. I want nothing more than to see you have a day that screams “that’s so us!” and will do whatever I can to help you achieve that dream.
You can get married in the way you envision, and I'm here to help you!

I know this is probably the first time you’ve been deeply involved in wedding planning. There are a lot of resources and opinions out there. But I’m here to help guide you towards a wedding experience that is 100% YOU. I’m happy to assist with location scouting, permit infom, and sourcing unique, intimate wedding venues. 

Through your process of planning your intimate and intentional wedding day, I will be alongside you helping in whatever you need. Through this I will get to know you two, learn what is most important to you and what you value most. That way I can document your wedding day as authentically as possible. 




Your wedding is a celebration of you as a couple, and this next exciting step you’re taking together.

Let’s make sure that day you say “I do” reflects that. 

I am here for you, and want you to have the best day ever!

You ready? let's do this thing! 

Bring your sweet pup, order your favourite pizza, go for a canoe ride, play board games after dinner with your parents. Whatever it is that will make your day that much better, GO FOR IT.