Where to Stay in Prince Edward County

Best Airbnbs and Accommodations in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a gorgeous island located about 2 hours East of Toronto, and about an hour West of Kingston. With stunning nature, amazing wine, delicious food, and a community full of creativity and art –  there is so much to do while visiting The County!

This list I’ve gathered is a great resource for those planning to elope or get married in Prince Edward County. What’s even better is some of these places are also wedding venue options!

If you are looking for suggestions on what to do while visiting Prince Edward County, please check out this blog post where I gathered a list of some of  my favourite things to do here!

As for the best Airbnbs or Accommodations in Prince Edward County, the options feel almost endless! Whether you’re planning a wedding in PEC, here for a weekend, or making a getaway around your couples, family or maternity session – there are so many great spots for a cozy retreat. 

First, I’ll start with some boutique hotels where larger groups can stay if booking together.
*This is perfect way for wedding guests to book together – for your wedding or elopement.*

Boutique Hotels in Prince Edward County

Merrill House

The Merrill House is a restored Victorian home that was first created in 1878. Even with the restoration, it holds all the charm that you would expect a Victorian house to. Each room is individually styled and designed, and has actually won quite a few awards for it’s design. On top of having 14 gorgeous hotel suites, they also have a full restaurant that you can reserve a table at without being a guest. They also have a gorgeous wine cellar full of amazing local Prince Edward County wines to choose from.

ps. they also host weddings and is a gorgeous spot to celebrate your love!

You can find more information on Merrill House here

Location: Picton Main Street, 343 Main St E #343, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Compass Rose Suites

Compass Rose Suites is one of my favourite wedding venues in Prince Edward County, but it’s also an amazing accommodation option (outside of weddings). Located in Milford, their farmhouse has three unique suites that sleep up to 12 people total. It is gorgeous inside and out, with a fresh garden if you’re visiting in the summertime. There is some amazing outdoor areas such as patios, and in the Zephyr sweet there is a sweet loft area too!

At one of the weddings I’ve photographed there, they had glamping tents set up for their wedding party and friends – I cannot recommend this option enough if it is something the team at Compass Rose Suites can arrange for you!

I cannot recommend Compass Rose Suites enough for both a wedding and accommodations.

You can find more information on Compass Rose Suites here

Location: 575 Crowes Rd, Milford, ON K0K 2P0

Angeline’s Inn

Angeline’s Inn is based in the heart of Bloomfield and offers so many accommodation options. Pictured above is the Inn with 5 unique suites. Directly across from the main building is the Walter Motel, with 9 additional rooms, and just a bit further back is 3 unique cottages.

ps. they also own the House of Falconer in Picton (which is listed below, check it out!)

You can find more information about Angeline’s Inn here – check out the cute map of their property on the homepage!

Location: 433 Bloomfield Main St, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

House of Falconer

As mentioned above, House of Falconer is a sister property to Angeline’s Inn. Their newest addition and a beautiful renovation and restoration of another gorgeous old building in Prince Edward County. It’s located in the heart of Picton – right around the corner is my favourite pizza place 555 Brewing, which marks the start of downtown Picton.

*based on the information on their site, I would classify this more as a house rental – but I am keeping it here since it’s owned by Angeline’s Inn.

You can find more information about House of Falconer here – check out the before and after photos!

Location: 1 Walton St, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

The Royal Hotel

About halfway between Merrill House and House of Falconer, you’ll find The Royal Hotel in Picton. Another heritage building, created in 1879 and beautifully restored and updated to it’s current glory – you’ll find everything you need while staying here. Other than gorgeous suites, you can check out their spa & gym, their restaurant and bar downstairs, or the adorable coffee/snack bar (aka The County Bar). There’s so many beautiful options to chose from for wining and dining (even if you’re not a guest there) – The Garden, The Parlour, The Dining Room or Terrace. They also host meetings, special events and weddings!

You can find more information about The Royal Hotel here

Location: 247 Picton Main St, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Wander the Resort

Wander the Resort is a new addition to the Bloomfield area. Situated right on West Lake, Wander offers unique all inclusive weekend experiences, as well as full suites to stay in. The 10 cabins include the options of poolside views or lakeside views, and all of them have full kitchens and sleep 6 guests.

This resort is another great stop for a quick bite and beverages even if you aren’t staying as a guest. There is stunning reviews and everything is beyond delicious. Plus, you can purchase a day pass for their pool amenities in the summer.

You can find more information about Wander the Resort here

Location: 15841 Loyalist Pkwy, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

The Lakeside Motel

Other than one of the best views in Prince Edward County, what doesn’t the Lakeside Motel offer? With full accommodations (12 rooms/suites), beach access, a pool and sauna, Cabanas, a shoppe, and the beauty buggy what else could you need? Not to mention the amazing bar and restaurant patio with stunning views of Lake Ontario (one of the best sunset views).

There’s also bicycles, canoes, bonfires, dominos and darts…this place is the perfect getaway to Prince Edward County.

They also offer day passes for the pool, walk-ins/reservations for the restaurant and also host smaller weddings.
*Note: some amenities and services are not available in off-season.

You can find more information about The Lakeside Motel here

Location: 349 Main St, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

Drake Devonshire

Just down the road from Lakeside Motel in Wellington sits Drake Devonshire, with equally of gorgeous views – this place can’t be beat. Drake Devonshire offers 13 boutique suites, and a full restaurant & bar. They also have events and activities depending on the season you are visiting, as well as changing art exhibits on the property itself.

Even if you don’t stay here, it’s worth stopping by for a bite or some drinks. The vibes and the views are well worth it.

You can find more information about the Drake Devonshire here

Location: 24 Wharf St, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

Drake Motor Inn

Another sister property in Prince Edward County is the Drake Motor Inn, just up the street from the gorgeous Drake Devonshire. A colourful and unique building that hosts 12 unique suites, it is a must stay place to get the nostalgic, yet modern fun feel of a motel. They offer communal social rooms, an outdoor fire pit, and a terrace. Best part is that they are pet friendly!

You can find more information about the Drake Motor Inn here

Location: 43 Wharf St, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

The June Motel

The June Motel has to be one of the cutest places in Prince Edward County to stay. It can be summed as a pink, pastel dream! With 16 gorgeous suites designed with unique and quirky touches, you won’t regret staying here. With a lobby bar downstairs, and a fire pit outdoors – you have the perfect way to wind down after a day of exploring Prince Edward County. They often offer combo packages with other services in The County with your stay, check out their site for more info.

ps. they can also host smaller weddings here too!

You can find more information about The June Motel here

Location: 12351 Loyalist Pkwy, Picton, ON K0K 2T0


The CAPE is another gorgeous restored and renovated property in the heart of Picton. Built in 1863, first as a private residence, it is now the perfect mix between boutique hotel and beautiful event space (perfect for weddings).

From their website “It was here that the plot to overthrow the government of Sir John A. Macdonald in the 1875 Pacific Scandal was likely hatched.” If that alone doesn’t intrigue you to stay here, take a look at their website and view the gorgeous property that is just steps away from downtown Picton.

ps. The CAPE is next door neighbours with Merrill House – you can easily pop next door for a nice glass of wine or dinner.

You can find more information about The CAPE here

Location: 347 Main St E, Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0


Located in Cherry Valley, overlooking East Lake – Lakecroft is the perfect combo of wedding venue and accommodations. They offer a few different options for accommodations including The Chalet, which has full suites with kitchens/kitchenettes, living rooms, and shared spaces. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

They also offer glamping, which is such a fun adventure to choose, especially after some wedding celebrations! They have 6 glamping tents which sleep 2 people each. Overall, Lakecroft can host up to 40 guests overnight for wedding days. And their wedding set up is also to die for…check out their photos online and see for yourself!

You can find more information about Lakecroft here

Location: 89 Sandy Ln, Cherry Valley, ON K0K 1P0


A newer addition to Prince Edward County, Mirazule is a secluded but gorgeous Boutique Inn located on South Bay. With a private pebble beach and stunning architecture where the building itself looks like it’s part of the hilly property, you won’t regret staying here and witnessing the stunning views.

You can find more information about Mirazule here

Location: 1641 County Rd 13, Milford, ON K0K 2P0

Lake on the Mountain Resort

If you haven’t heard about the phenomenon of Lake on the Mountain before, let me fill you in. It sits about 200 feet above the Bay of Quinte and has a constant flow of clean fresh water, with no inlet or apparent source. Next to this mysterious body of water is Lake on the Mountain Resort. A gorgeous property to host your wedding, but also a beautiful set of accommodations. They offer a set of cottages that are situated right on the Lake, off property rentals, and a house across the road which has stunning views of the Bay of Quinte and the Glenora Ferry. This is situated right next to The Miller House (pictured above), which is one of my favourite places to watch the sunset with a glass of wine and a charcuterie board. Try the charcuterie board with their bacon marmalade – you won’t regret it!

They also have another restaurant on the Lake side of the road called The Inn which offers farm to table cuisine. They even have their own brewing company too!

You can find more information about Lake on the Mountain Resort here

Location: 264 County Rd 7, Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0

Below is a map of all the Boutique Hotels listed above within Prince Edward County for you to navigate while planning.

Airbnb’s / Rentals in Prince Edward County

On top of the wide array of Boutique Hotels, Prince Edward County is bustling with Airbnbs and house rentals for your County getaway, elopement, or wedding celebrations!

Wilda Farmhouse

Formerly known as The Wilk

Situated outside of Picton, Wilda Farmhouse is a gorgeous property with stunning interiors to host 8 guests. I actually photographed a small intimate wedding here back in 2020 – and I’m crossing my fingers with this re-brand to Wilda Farmhouse they are still accepting elopements and intimate weddings, because this is the perfect property for it! Either way, this stunning property is the perfect country escape!

Wilda Farmhouse Airbnb Listing

General Location: Bongard – 15 minutes outside of Picton

The Ferg

*pictured above is The Loft

The Ferg is a gorgeous multi-space rental located in downtown Picton. With three separate suites: The Loft, Garden Suite, or Heritage Suite, you can enjoy a cozy and beautiful stay at this stylish space. There’s also the option to book all three suites together under the Modern Farmhouse option.

I was lucky enough to do a maternity session in The Loft while my clients were visiting on a baby-moon and the space is to die for!

ps. this is also right around the corner from 555 Brewing Co.

You can find more information on The Ferg here.

Location: 76 W Mary St, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

The County Nook

A newly renovated gorgeous 1920’s farmhouse just outside of Bloomfield is the perfect Airbnb for your wedding day! I was lucky enough to photograph a couples getting ready portion of the day in this gorgeous house and there was so much space. On top of hanging out with their wedding party – this couple was able to do first looks with their parents, their own first look, and give their parents extremely sweet presents. It was the perfect place to start a day of celebrating.

It has 6 bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a gorgeous outdoor area!

The County Nook Airbnb Listing

Location: 1259 Prince Edward County Rd 1, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

Little Big Island

Located on Big Island, this gorgeous Airbnb sits on the North side of Prince Edward County. Adorably decorated, this quaint home is the perfect County getaway for two people. Across a quiet road you’ll find the waterfront, and also have access to a fire pit – perfect for watching the sunset over the Bay of Quinte.

Little Big Island Airbnb Listing

General Location: Big Island – 20 minute drive to Picton, 30 minute drive to Belleville.

Sanctuary in the County

*Note: At the time of creating this blog post – Sanctuary in the County is currently closed for renovations. Crossing our fingers it opens up again soon!*

This gorgeous renovated 1800’s Church is the perfect place to have your elopement, a small girls getaway, or couples/family retreat. It’s open and spacious, bright and airy, and all things cozy. Outfitted with a wood burning stove and a gorgeous claw foot tub – plus, you’ll get to say you had a sleepover in a church!

Sanctuary in the County Airbnb Listing

General Location: Outskirts of Wellington – 5 minute drive to downtown Wellington

The Brighthouse Farm

Situated on the outskirts of Wellington, this gorgeous renovated Farmhouse is both the perfect Airbnb for a stay with 8 people – or an epic wedding venue. With a stunning wrap around porch to watch the sunset, a claw foot tub to have a soak in, and the lush gardens around the property – this is the perfect country get away.

And in terms of a wedding venue – you can use the Farmhouse as the perfect getting ready spot, and a place to crash on site! They have just updated a barn which is now a stunning reception/ceremony area and it is beyond dreamy!

You can find more information about The Brighthouse Farm here

Airbnb listing of The Brighthouse Farm

Location: 1234 Prince Edward County Rd 2, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

Harbour Grove

Harbour Grove is around the corner from downtown Picton, and a short walk to Picton Harbour (there’s a great restaurant at Picton Harbour Inn too). It is an adorably decorated Airbnb, and the perfect place for a girls weekend getaway, or a crash pad for your wedding weekend!

I have documented a wedding party getting ready here, and it was the perfect space for everyone to do so without being crammed, as well as just the cutest decor around the place! It sleeps 6 people, and is in perfect proximity to all the best The County has to offer!

Harbour Grove Airbnb Listing

Location:28 Union St, Prince Edward, ON K0K 2T0

Clarke Road Retreat

This property is unique as it is a mix between a rental home, and a larger accommodation that could be used for a wedding party to stay at. They offer space for 16 guests in 8 bedrooms, as well as two full kitchens and many communal cozy hang out spaces.

The best perks in my opinion are the wood burning fireplaces, the year round sauna, the fact it is dog friendly – and it is right near Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area – which is a great spot for hiking! It is also in close proximity to Picton – just a short 5 minute drive to the downtown area.

You can find more information about Clarke Road Retreat here

Location: 193 Clarke Rd, Picton, ON K0K 2T0

Two Sisters Beach

Located in Waupoos, this stunning beach front property is one not to miss! With two houses on site – you can rent both in a large group, or have the choice of the Beach House (2 bedroom), or The Great House (3 bedrooms + loft). They are a 5 minute drive from each other, or a short walk through a little pathway. But either way you can’t go wrong with the unobstructed views of the water and the fun tiki-styled beach cabanas.

You can find more information about Two Sisters Beach here

General Location: Waupoos – 15 minute drive to downtown Picton.


Fitzroy offers two stunning properties – The Fieldhouse and The Lakehouse. The Fieldhouse is located in the outskirts of Wellington, but a short drive to the downtown area (8 minutes). And The Lakehouse is located outside of Concescon village, right on the water (20 minutes to Wellington, 12 minutes to Carrying Place).

Fitzroy Lakehouse is a waterfront bungalow that sleeps 6 guests, has stunning waterfront views – and even offers an outdoor hot tub! Fitzroy Fieldhouse can also host 6 guests, has an outdoor fireplace, and offers 6 bikes and helmets for you to explore all the nearby wineries.

You can find more information about both Fitzroy properties here

Fitzroy Fieldhouse Airbnb Listing

Location: 41 Willow Creek Rd, Prince Edward, ON K0K 3L0

Fitzroy Lakehouse Airbnb Listing

Location: 971 Stinson Block Rd, Consecon, ON K0K 1T0

Hygge House

Located on the east end of the Wellington area, almost bordering Consecon – this gorgeous and cozy space is one that can’t be overlooked. Although it only sleeps two, it would be the perfect place for an elopement or for two newlyweds to cozy up after a night of celebrations. There is also a hot tub on the property, although the listing notes it may not be available depending on the weather.

Hygge House Airbnb Listing

Location: 89 Huycks Bay Rd, Wellington, ON K0K 3L0

The Meadow House

This gorgeous bungalow is located right outside of Wellington and is a quick drive (10 minutes) to all the amazing restaurants and the beautiful Wellington Beach. It is uniquely decorated and can host up to 4 people. It is the perfect spot for a getaway, or a morning of getting ready before a wedding day. With it’s spacious living/kitchen area that has the cutest decor – it makes for the perfect place to get ready (I have been lucky enough to document a getting ready portion of a wedding day here!)

It also has stunning views of the sunset in their large outdoor space.

The Meadow House Airbnb Listing

Location: 18744 Loyalist Pkwy, Hillier, ON K0K 2J0

The Rose & Thistle

This century home located in Picton has all the charm and character you could want in a rental. The property can sleep up to 4 guests in the top two floors, which includes a balcony and two skylights for star gazing. The listing notes that it is important that guests are mobile – as the rental is up the stairs on the two two levels.

The Rose & Thistle Airbnb Listing

General Location: Picton – near the LCBO downtown.

Lyttleton PEC

This gorgeous suite located in Bloomfield is the perfect home base to do everything in The County. It is a short drive from Picton, Wellington and Sandbanks Provincial Park (they offer a complimentary vehicle permit). Not to mention just a short walk to Bloomfield itself – don’t miss Slickers Ice Cream if you’re visiting in the summer!

It can sleep up to 3 people and is important to note that it is a self contained suite in the owners home.

Lyttleton Airbnb Listing

Location: 24 County Rd 33, Bloomfield, ON K0K 1G0

The Charlotte

The Charlotte offers 12 different suites ranging in the areas of Picton, Wellington, Rossmore, Ameliasburgh, and Rendersville. Some properties include the use of a hot tub, a complimentary Sandbanks Vehicle permit, or waterfront views. All of the properties are beautifully decorated and unique.

*If you book directly (not through Airbnb) you can save 5-10% on your booking

You can find more information on The Charlotte properties here

The Charlotte Airbnb Listing

General Locations: Picton, Wellington, Rossmore, Ameliasburgh, and Rendersville

source: here&now instagram

Here & Now

This gorgeous cottage rental is in a rural area of Prince Edward County, nice and secluded but offers stunning views of the Bay of Moscote. This property offers both indoor and outdoor fire areas, a seasonal veggie garden, two kayaks (with 4 life jackets), and a ton of games! It is beautifully decorated with a cozy farmhouse vibe, and waterfront access.

*Note – this part of The County is on a higher elevation, it looks like the waterfront access is down a long stairway.

Here & Now Airbnb Listing

General Location: Crofton – 16 minute drive to Picton, 17 minute drive to Wellington.

Below is a map of the Airbnbs/House Rentals listed above that provided their addresses – within Prince Edward County for you to navigate while planning.

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding day, I cannot recommend eloping in Prince Edward County enough. There is so much beauty to experience here, and a great way to make a whole weekend out of celebrating with your favourite people.

For more information on legally Eloping in Ontario, click here!
For more information on how to find the perfect location to Elope, click here!
And if you’re looking for the perfect place to Elope in Prince Edward County – check out my Instagram Guide here.

And for any more information, or if you’re ready to chat about how to plan your elopement in Prince Edward County – feel free to reach out via my contact form, and we can get chatting!




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